Yeah, Buttsy Here - Season 1

Yeah, Buttsy Here - Season 1

4 Episodes

@THE_BUTTSY has real, honest, cocktail induced conversations about life, golf and everything in between. Other social media influencers, golfers and guest will join @THE_BUTTSY to solve all the worlds problems!

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Yeah, Buttsy Here - Season 1
  • Pilot
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    @IDALEEEO and @JT_LAYBOURNE sit down with @THE_BUTTSY to talk about how they are growing the game of golf, golf trick shots, Bibleopoly and weirdest place they have had sex. All that and more...


  • "Yeah, Buttsy Here" Show 2

    Episode 2

    @The_Buttsy sits down with trick shot artist @Coach_Rusty and @Idaleeeo. They talk about growing the game of golf and their Instagram obsession.

  • "Yeah, Buttsy Here" Show 3

    Episode 3

    @The_Buttsy sits down with MSOP players to learn what it takes to be a professional putter and make a living by putting the golf ball.

  • "Yeah, Buttsy Here" Show 4

    Episode 4

    @The_Buttsy sits down with MSOP player Rainey Statum and @TheMaryBlank. Rainey is a professional putt putt player and how he survived a hurricane.