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Golf Lessons

  • Full Swing Lessons

    91 videos

    Get help with your swing, setup and drills you can do to improve your full golf swing.

  • Putting Tips
    42 videos

    Putting Tips

    42 videos

    Here are all of our putting tips to help you become a better putter. Tips and tricks from the pros.

  • Short Game Lessons & Drills

    63 videos

    Chipping and pitching, hitting approach shots and learning how to score. The closer you get the ball, the easier it will be to play better. Our top teachers help you improve with video drills and advice.

  • Golf Fitness
    16 videos

    Golf Fitness

    16 videos

    Get the most out of your game by getting some fitness drills and advice to help you improve range of motion, balance and consistency throughout your round.

  • Aimee Cho Uneven Lies