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Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness

Get the most out of your game by getting some fitness drills and advice to help you improve range of motion, balance and consistency throughout your round.

Golf Fitness
  • Golf Yoga Tips

    Golf Life shows you some yoga poses that could help your golf game.

  • The FitGolferGirl: Increase Turn

    Golf Life is dedicated to your golf fitness. Fit Golf Girl Carolina Romero joins us to provide some exercises you can do to help increase your turn.

  • Brady Riggs: Fitness Quick Tip

    Brady Riggs gives a great quick tip to help eliminate back pain during a golf swing.

  • Nick Faldo: Pre-Round Routine

    Learn some great pre round warm up exercises with Nick Faldo.

  • Nick Faldo: Warming Up

    Nick talks about some techniques to warm up and stretch out before hitting a round of 18 or blasting some balls down the range.

  • Dr. David Wright Exercise Tip

    Golf Life visited the Wright Balance Golf School at Arroya Trabuca Golf Club in Mission Viejo, California. The Wright Balance is dedicated to researching and teaching the fundamentals of physical and mental balance for your improved performance and increased enjoyment of golf

  • Nick Faldo: Rubberband

    Learn different rubberband exercises to improve your golf game with Nick Faldo.

  • Nick Faldo: Rubberband 2

    Top golf instructor Nick Faldo shows us how to improve our physical fitness for golf with "Rubberband Training".

  • Nick Faldo: Stretching

    Nick Faldo gives us a great tip on streching before your golf round.

  • Dee Tidwell Fitness Tip

  • Dee Tidwell: Stability Core

    We join Dee Tidwell from Tame your Game for a great golf fitness exercise targeting your core muscles and bringing more stability to your golf game.

  • Dee Tidwell: Squats

    Tame Your Game fitness instructor Dee Tidwell shows us a "squats" work out to help improve our golf game.

  • Dee Tidwell: Stay Hydrated

    Tame Your Game golf fitness instructor Dee Tidwell stresses the importance of hydration while playing a round of golf. Proper hydration can make all the difference in your round. While your buddies are slowing down on the back nine you are properly hydrated and mentally prepared for any task ah...

  • Dee Tidwell: Pre-Round Warmup

    Tame your Game Golf Fitness Instructor Dee Tidwell shows us a great way to stretch and warm up before your golf round.

  • Dee Tidwell: Train Your Core

    Train your Core with Tame your Game TPI golf fitness instructor Dee Tidwell.

  • Golf Fitness Tip - Acceleration of Forward Swing

    Ashley Huizing provides a fitness tip to increase your core strength