Gear Review

Gear Review

Golf LIfe has probably reviewed and featured pretty much every golf device, training aid, club or accessory availble for your game. Watch videos here.

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Gear Review
  • Holder Putter Golf Life Feature

    Golf Life reviewed and featured the Holder Putter from Holder Golf

  • Precise Golf Clubs

    Golf Life reviews Precise Golf Clubs

  • ShoeTips

    Golf Life shows you the golf product Shoe Tips. A perfect holiday gift.

  • High Heat Golf Clubs

    Golf Life talks with amateur golfers about the High Heat golf clubs from Knuth Golf.

  • 2017 Callaway Golf Apparrel

    Golf Life hits up the Callaway Apparel booth at the 2017 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience!

  • SelfieGolfUSA

    Golf Life learns more about a device from Selfie Golf that makes it so easy for you to record your swing!

  • Custom Headcovers from Dormie Workshop

    Golf Life interviews the creative minds from Dormie Workshop. We talk with them about some of their premium handmade headcovers!

  • Hawkeyed Aligned Systems

    Golf Life had the chance to review the Hawkeye Alignment Trainer. See how this training aid can help fix your club face alignment!

  • Matrix Reign Golf Shafts

    This short video describes the Reign Shaft line from Matrix Golf

  • Happy Putters at PGA Merchandise Show

    On-demand archive sent automatically from your StreamSpot Library on January 25, 2017 @ 7:42 pm

  • Improve your Putting with a putter from Cure Putters

    Golf Life talked with several golfers about what they thought of the Classic and RX series putters from Cure Putters. See more at

  • Popticals Pop-Out Sunglasses

    Golf Life reviews a pair of pop-out sunglasses from Popticals. See what we thought of these golf sunglasses while out on the course.

  • Sci-Core Golf Balls

    Golf Life reviews the Sci-Core Golf Balls from Swing Coach Club.

  • High Heat Woods

    Golf Life shows you a set of the High Heat Woods from Knuth Golf. See how these clubs should be in your bag!!!

  • The Benefits of a Lower Profile Golf Shoe

    In this feature from Inside GOLF Magazine we learn a bit more about THiNTech from Adidas Golf. The company claims to have created a major innovation in performance footwear for golf by lowering the footbed in the golf shoe. This design integration was a three year process that resulted in a sho...

  • BenderGloves - Add color to your hands

    Golf Life reviews BenderGloves. Learn more about all the colors and styles they have to offer. Stay until the end of the video for a great promo code to help save you money.

  • Improve your Putting with The Putting Arc Training Aid

    Golf Life is focused on helping golfers improve their golf game. We got the chance to try out a putting tool training aid that will help improve the path of your putting stroke.

    The Putting Arc is a training aid that all golfers should have. It works because it's based upon natural body movement...

  • Advice for installing golf grips

    Bob Lamkin provides some insight into the process of changing your grips properly on your golf clubs.

  • Swing Jacket

    Golf Life talks with Top Teacher Jeff Ritter and several Amateur Golfers about the Swing Jacket. See if this golf training aid could improve your golf swing!

  • Orange Whip Warmup Advice

    Golf Life talks with CEO of Orange Whip Jim Hackenberg. He gives us some tips using the Orange Whip that can help us loosen our muscles.

  • Can a golf grip affect your golf swing?

    Bob Lamkin of Lamkin Grips talks about the effects of old grips or inproperly sized grips on your golf swing. Advice to help you improve you swing through proper golf equipment.

  • GFore Review

  • Learn your Swing Plane with the Swing Wizzard

    Golf Life went out to the Ravenna Golf Club where we caught up with an ingeniously simple new swing plane trainer called the Swing Wizzard.

    The Swing Wizzard allows you to analyze and correct your golf swing flaws instantly. This unique training aid shows the golfer how a balanced, effortless sw...

  • Titleist Wedge Designer Bob Vokey Video Feature and Golf Life TV meet legendary Titleist Wedge Designer Bob Vokey at the Titleist club facility in Carlsbad, California