Gear Review

Gear Review

Golf LIfe has probably reviewed and featured pretty much every golf device, training aid, club or accessory availble for your game. Watch videos here.

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Gear Review
  • Most Important Stretch in Golf

    Learn how the MISIG or Most Important Stretch in Golf is a product that will help you increase flexibility, improve your swing and begin to hit the ball farther with a relaxed effortless swing.

  • About Blast Motion Golf Sensor

    Blast Motion creates high quality motion sensors for Golf and other sports. Golf Life reviewed the product to learn more.

  • Keep your ball clean with a ReadyPutt Putter Cover

    When you are on the green, what do you use to clean your golf ball? Golf Life got the chance to learn more about a putter cover that provides the convenience of a ball cleaner.

    Every time you reach for your putter you will be equipped with a Golf Ball Cleaner and ensured a clean ball is ready f...

  • S2 Simulator from Full Swing Golf

    Golf Life had the opportunity to hit golf balls in the S2 Simulator from Full Swing Golf. Now you can play golf 365 days a year in your club, business, or home.

  • 2017 Callaway Golf Apparel

    Golf Life stopped by the Callaway Golf Apparel booth at the 2017 Vegas PGA Show.

  • Zerogolf Training Aid

    Golf Life found an amazing golf training aid from Zergolf that every golfer should check out. See if this product could help your golf game!

  • Beer Pong Golf

    Golf Life caught up with Mark Saleeby, the creator of Beer Pong Golf, at the 2018 PGA Show. Learn more about this amazing new golf product.

  • Golf Skate Caddy

    The Golf Skate Caddy™ is the most fully featured single player golf transport of its kind available in the USA today. Sporting such features as 2 x 1000w brushless motors with dual drive 4w steer, 5v USB charger, seat, bespoke umbrella, sand pourer, built in cooler box, golf ball and tee holder, ...

  • Alphard Golf Push Cart

    Golf Life shows you why the Alphard Golf Push Cart is a great bag and cart combination.

  • Ellwee: Electric Golf Cart

    Golf Life took the Ellwee for a text ride out at the 2018 Demo Day. Learn more about this new and exciting electric golf cart!

  • Custom Putter Fitting at Odyssey Putting Lab

    Golf Life takes you inside the process of fitting for a putter at the Odyssey Putting Lab located at the Ely Callaway Performance Center in Carlsbad, California

  • High Heat Fairway Woods

    Golf Life features the High Heat 3 Wood, a tungsten faced deep CG golf club

  • Holder Putter Golf Life Feature

    Golf Life reviewed and featured the Holder Putter from Holder Golf

  • Precise Golf Clubs

    Golf Life reviews Precise Golf Clubs

  • ShoeTips

    Golf Life shows you the golf product Shoe Tips. A perfect holiday gift.

  • High Heat Golf Clubs

    Golf Life talks with amateur golfers about the High Heat golf clubs from Knuth Golf.

  • 2017 Callaway Golf Apparrel

    Golf Life hits up the Callaway Apparel booth at the 2017 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience!

  • SelfieGolfUSA

    Golf Life learns more about a device from Selfie Golf that makes it so easy for you to record your swing!

  • Custom Headcovers from Dormie Workshop

    Golf Life interviews the creative minds from Dormie Workshop. We talk with them about some of their premium handmade headcovers!

  • Hawkeyed Aligned Systems

    Golf Life had the chance to review the Hawkeye Alignment Trainer. See how this training aid can help fix your club face alignment!

  • Matrix Reign Golf Shafts

    This short video describes the Reign Shaft line from Matrix Golf

  • Happy Putters at PGA Merchandise Show

    On-demand archive sent automatically from your StreamSpot Library on January 25, 2017 @ 7:42 pm

  • Improve your Putting with a putter from Cure Putters

    Golf Life talked with several golfers about what they thought of the Classic and RX series putters from Cure Putters. See more at