Gear Review

Gear Review

Golf LIfe has probably reviewed and featured pretty much every golf device, training aid, club or accessory availble for your game. Watch videos here.

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Gear Review
  • BTS Golf Training Program

    BTS Golf helps you create an efficient golf swing based on your body type by customizing a swing program that is specifically for you!

  • High Heat Fairway Wood

    Check out the High Heat Fairway Wood. A metal wood that is sure to make you score better. If you hit more fairways, you hit more greens and that is what the fairway wood can do for you!

  • Phat Scooters W/ EV RIDEABLES

    Tony Duran, who has played a huge role in the single rider revolution for golf, opened his own shop on Newport Beach and the fan favorite is the Phat Scooter!

  • BTS Golf Review

    Mike and Colt use a training system that allows you to create your own swing based on your body type.

  • Longball Apparel

    Check out the newest line of clothing from Longball Apparel. From the hats, to the shirts, to the belts they have you covered.

  • Puttskee Putting Games

    Golf Life met up with Puttskee to learn about all the games they have available!

  • Swing Whistle

    Golf Life shows you a golf training aid called the Swing Whistle. See how this device can help you understand your golf swing.

  • Top Golf Bags of 2018

    Golf Life shows off Jones Golf Bags, Datrek, Bagboy and Vessel in this years top golf bags of 2018!

  • Breakthrough Stability Putter Shaft

    Keeping your putter stable and straight through impact is as important as ever. This putter shaft gives you the ability to feel what a great putt should feel like!

  • Chippo Golf

    Golf Life introduces you to the next backyard game. Chippo brings golf and cornhole together.

  • The Swing Jacket

    Golf Life caught up with top teacher Jeff Ritter who had the chance to talk with Swing Jacket inventor Bill Walsh!

  • Top 5 sunglasses of 2018

    Golf Life shows you the Top 5 Sunglasses you should be wearing out on the golf course!

  • PYRAMID Putters

    Golf Life checks out Pyramid Putters. See how their limited dispersion grooves can help you sink more putts.

  • The New Holder Putter Reset 04

    Golf Life talks with a PGA Professional about flat lie putting and what he thinks of the Reset o4 putter from Holder Golf.

  • The NEW High Heat 257+

    The New 257+ is packed with technology from Knuth Golf. Check out this great golf club from High Heat. Starting hitting those miss-hits farther and straighter.

  • High Heat with Sean Fister

    Sean Fister tells us his thoughts on the brand new High Heat 257+ and why you should be playing these clubs!

  • Testing the Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Ball

    In this video we demonstrate a test of the Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Ball. We show you a good example of how the dimple pattern in the Ultimate Straight helps the Polara ball fly straight with the same golf swing that sends other balls 90 feet off target.

  • Phat Scooters

    Golf Life interviews the CEO of Phat Scooters to learn more about these amazing scooters and how they allow golfers to enjoy a completely new experience during their round.

  • Honma Golf

    Golf Life caught up with Adam Sheldon, General Manager of Honma Golf, to learn more about the story behind this amazing golf company.

  • Levelhead Ball Marker

    This simple tool allows anyone to dramatically improve at reading breaks in your putts. Simply use this ball marker while practicing and you will learn how to read the greens much better. Start rolling in those breaking putts.

  • Callaway Golf Apparel

  • Stickit Towel

    Golf Life caught up with Brent Steffens from Monument Golf to learn more about their new product StickitTowel.

  • How often should you change your golf grips?

    Bob Lamkin of Lamkin Grips provides recommendations on when you should consider changing your golf grips. If you play a lot of golf it is probably a good idea to regrip your clubs every year.

  • High Heat from Knuth Golf

    Golf Life stopped by the Knuth Golf booth at the 2018 Demo Day to learn more about their High Heat Clubs!