Full Swing Lessons

Full Swing Lessons

Get help with your swing, setup and drills you can do to improve your full golf swing.

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Full Swing Lessons
  • Jeff Ritter: Swing Plane

    We join top golf instructor Jeff Ritter for a great lesson aimed at getting your swing on the proper "swing plane" path.

  • Jeff Ritter: Ball Position

    Do you understand how to setup properly for shots with irons and your driver? Maybe you just need a refesher and a drill to create a habit. Take a look at this short video from Make The Turn with Jeff Ritter.

    Want to learn more about how we can help you build a better game? Schedule our NEW ...

  • Mike Malaska: Grip Tip

    Golf Life worked with 2011 Top Teacher Mike Malaska. He gives us a grip tip.

  • Duane Anderson: What does your Divot Say?

    TaylorMade Golf's Duane Anderson gives us a Divot Tip. He shows us what our divot is showing us when it comes to our golf swing.

  • Dr. David Wright: Swing More Freely

    Golf Life visited the Wright Balance Golf School at Arroya Trabuca Golf Clup in Mission Viejo, California. We talked with Top Teacher Dr. David Wright.

    Dr. Wright conducted a three year golf research project in Dr. Frank Jobe’s Biomechanics Lab at Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles from 2004 ...

  • Mike Davis: One on One

    Golf Life wanted to take you inside a private golf lesson with a top rated golf instructor. So we caught up with our old friend Mike Davis at Royal Links Golf Club for a behind the scenes look at a one on one golf lesson.

  • Shawn Humphries: Setup For Success

    GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher Shawn Humphries provides a comprehensive overview on the setup for a successful golf swing. Any good golfer will tell you that the setup is more than 50% of the key to a great swing. If you aren't setup right, the chances for success are pretty low. So this tip is ke...

  • Krank Golf: Long Drive Golf Tip

    Golf Life joined Tyler Kellett for a great long drive golf tip.

    Krank Golf is unquestionably the authority in distance hitting with 13 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships, including the 2010 (1st and 2nd), 2011(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th), 2012 (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and 2013 (1st, 3rd and 4...

  • Tom Stickney: Quality Balance

    GOLF Magazine's Best Drill comes from Eric Alpenfels in 2004. By getting your irons and replacing them with hyrbids, and then incorporating Alpenfels' belief of maintaining balance and how to have connection with the ball so you can release the club the way you are capable of. Watch Tom Stickney ...

  • Tom Stickney: Fix Your Slice

    GOLF Magazine's Tom Stickney shows you how to fix your slice with a tip from Paul Segerlund from 1970. Make sure everything is parallel in alignment and then pre-cock your right hip backwards that allows the arms for an end to out swing path. >> OUR GOLF MAGAZINE’S BEST SLICE FIX TIP COMES FROM P...

  • Roger Gunn: Swing Plane

    Hit Golf.com presents Roger Gunn, GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher, providing a tip to help you understand the "circle" that is the swing and how the swing plane works. Get your swing on plane and you will hit long straight drives.

  • Paul Segerlund: Golf Slice Tip

    Anytime we as golfers get the dreaded slice, we want to fix it right now. Paul Segerlund has a swing tip that can cure your slice so you don't have to keep aiming right all the time!

  • Bruce Hamilton: Full Swing Tip

    Bruce Hamiliton is a well known name in the golfing world. Many Top Teachers teach his golf swing tips throughout the world. Here is one on the golf swing. Starting hitting them straighter!

  • Gale Peterson: Downhill Lies

    Gale Peterson, a top 100 teacher gives us a great tip on how to battle the downhill lie. Many times people won't grab a club with enough loft to get under it and Gale shows us just how to make the right club choice!

  • Dean Reinmuth: Under the Tree

    Every golf course has trees! Some trees are made to be a pain in your butt, some aren't. For those that are a pain in your butt and you find yourself under a tree and don't know what to do, Dean Reinmuth has the answer!

  • Erica Webster: Uneven Lie

    So many times on the golf course, we get stuck with an uneven lie that gives us fits! Erica Webster gives us a tip on how to handle the lies and make the most of them when they arrive!

  • Mike Adams: Punch Shot

    Mike Adams gives us a great insight on the best way to hit a punch shot from anywhere on the course. All you have to remember is 2, 2, 2! Find out what the three two's mean to you!

  • Kip Puterbaugh: Impact Postion

    Kip Puterbaugh teaches us a great drill on how to have the ultimate impact position every time you hit a golf ball. Check it out here and start striping the golf ball down the fairway!

  • Kip Puterbaugh: Object of the Golf Swing

    The object of the golf swing is to swing the club freely. Kp Putterbaugh shows us the best way to free up your golf swing so you can hit more fairways and have more fun!

  • Derek Nannen: Driving Range Tip

    One thing that is very common with golfers is that they will go to the range and hit the same club all the time. Whether that is a driver or the trusty 7 iron, they don't let go of them. Derek Nannen shows us a great driving range tip!

  • Derek Nannen: Uneven Lies

    Throughout the round, we are faced with several, if not MANY, uneven lies. Derek Nannen shows us the perfect way to combat those hills and crevices so you can get to the putting surface easier!

  • Derek Nannen: Tee Box

    Derek Nannen from Eagle Mountain gives a great insight on how to get off the tee on a hole that is downhill. Widen your stance and grip it and rip it. Watch how Nannen does it!

  • Shawn Cox: Lee Trevino Drill

    How do you fix a golfer that goes over the top and hooks the ball or slices the ball. Shawn Cox shows us just what one of the greatest golfers ever, Lee Trivino did when he was playing to fix this issue!

  • Glenn Deck: Width & Depth

    Glenn Deck gives a great insight on the how to swing the golf club. Width and Depth are two words everybody should know when they swing the golf club. Getting width and depth allows us to stay balanced, ultimately allowing us to hit the golf ball straighter!